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Take command



  • foto Kiosked playback Videos play in a kiosked mode within the Fleet-VR app. A user cannot get out of the app without access to the wand. Even if restarted, the app will boot on load, creating a secure environment for all users. The headsets are not connected to the internet, so it is not possible to access content that is not physically loaded on to the devices by the administrator.
  • foto Connect any device Control your VR headset fleet from any device with an internet browser—a phone, tablet or desktop using any operating system. Play any VR video, pause all videos, organise the fleet into groups, nest videos in folders—you have command.
  • foto Any class size Connect a handful of headsets using just the console, or dozens of headsets by adding a wifi router. You can even control headsets over a distance using web connection. The team has tested 60 headsets simultaneously, but the technology theoretically supports up to 255!
  • foto Wand be gone No need to charge wands or even keep them paired with their headsets. The educator controls playback, not the user, which also removes the ability to access the operating system.

The console One device to rule them all

The Fleet-VR console will automatically poll all headsets within the fleet, and auto-populate the list of videos loaded on the devices. Use your own VR videos, a third party's, or license video content from Fleet-VR—it's up to you.

Fleet-VR supports both monoscopic and stereoscopic projections, allowing play back of both traditional and 3D video sources. Any 360 mpg video can be played at up to 4k resolution—the maximum supported by Oculus.

An educator can monitor the battery status and connectivity of headset fleet from their handset, allowing management of large groups and identifying when devices need to be charged.


Supports Oculus Go headsets, 32GB & 64GB
100-240V AC, worldwide regional plugs
Video formats
Monoscopic (360) and stereoscopic (3D-360) mp4 video
Class size
Console only; up to six headsets. Console + wifi router; at least 60, theoretically 255
Educator device
Any internet browser on Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android
No internet connection required

Pricing US$1200 package

Because the Fleet-VR ecosystem is built using web technology it is more cost effective than competing systems. No exorbitant subscription payments, no offensive per-headset charges or unusual headset technology—just buy the console and router package and install the app from the Oculus store on to your existing Oculus Go headsets.

The pre-configured router and console package is US$1200 plus shipping—a one-off cost. If you have a wireless router and an administrator to configure it, knock off another $100 and a chunk of shipping costs. If you’re controlling less than half a dozen headsets, you won’t need a router at all.

We understand that you might need to swap out headsets, so the client app for your headsets is free-of-charge through an Oculus store release channel when you purchase the console. We understand that educators change, and change devices, so the web-app on your control device is served by the console itself.

We want this technology to go far and wide and influence a generation, so we’ve priced it right and made a deep discount of 30% available to not-for-profits and registered charities. Print out the infosheet to show colleagues. Contact us below to order.

about FLeet-vr Co-designed

Fleet-VR was developed by New Zealand Geographic to support the roll-out of the NZ-VR Project across schools in New Zealand. We worked alongside Blake Trust for a year to build and hone the system which has delivered 155,000 VR experiences to 20,000 students to date, across groups of up to 60 Oculus Go headsets… we know it works in the real-world context.

Alongside Blake’s educators we’ve added a large number of usability features to make the most simple and frictionless system so that you stop sweating the tech and get on with changing the world.


Have a query about your use-case? Please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

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